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"The smallest but important aspect of the fire truck is the sirens.  The sirens help to make a pathway for people and to let the people that need help that they are coming.  That is always a good thing because without the load noise, no body would ev…"
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"I know for a fact that firefighters are a great cooks and they love to work in the kitchen; so how about having a social where these members come in and they bring what they have cooked in their kitchens?  I saw a movie once where it was about firef…"
"I really like fire hoses and fire ladders because they help so much.  I like the fact that the fire hose is so long and it sprays out very nice as well.  Fire ladders are big and wide in which the fireman can walk up and can walk huge distances up t…"
"I think that is great that you had four new people come to your groups on Monday night.  I live in Virginia and some of the fire stations and fire houses do bingo nights which I believe are every Monday night.  They are usually volunteers that come…"
"Hi. My name is Eugene Krysanov. I live in Tarko-Sale, which located in Siberia, Russia. So if you are interesting in specialty of firefighting or firefighters' life in hard north conditions I can tell about it.  "
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"Hi, my name is Paula Warner and I love posting on this forum discussions.  I live in Virginia.  I grew up respecting firemen and now I really respect firemen because of all of the work that they do every single day.  I trust that they will help the…"
"I understand that when firemen go to school, they have to not only learn about fire science and how to put fires out, but they also need to learn about CPR and other medical things.  Here is a link about CPR and how to do it:
"Thank you for having this discussion forum for people who are firefighters and people who are not firefighters, but are in the medical field.  I am a nurse and I would like to see more of the medical aspects of firefighting or what certain medical k…"
"Hi, I am a nurse; however I have seen many firemen in action before and fire fighting is a great profession.  I applaud all of the firemen and ladies who work in such a great need everyday.  Not only do you put out fires, but you help people with me…"
"It is nice to meet a fellow sister"
"I am a 6 year volunteer firefighter in my 2nd year of being a Leuatenant. I also just became an EMT for a private company last year."
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